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Jigsaw Housewarming (Saturday)


Jigsaw has moved around a bit in its life. We started off in a tiny Quonset hut beneath a construction-riddled bridge. Then we were in the Madison space, and then in our temporary Inscape home. But now, gentle readers, the time has finally come! We’re in a space that was specifically built out for us, […]

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Serious Cleanliness


Here are some photos I took just after I cleaned the front half of Jigsaw on Thursday in prep for Inscape Arts Open Studios: I wish I had taken “before” photos for comparison, but here are some photos of the back of the house, which come pretty close: This messiness is obscenely disrespectful to our […]

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Please bear with us…


while we make some changes to sort out some problems we have been having with the site.

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The Kitchen Conundrum


To place the Kickstarter widget on your own page: <a href=’’><img border=’0′ src=’’ /></a>

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Random Hacks of Kindness


Bookscanners are devices which allow people to rapidly scan their books to a digital format, so they can take their books with them without having to take the paper with them. Jigsaw has talked about building one in the past and Chloe took the lead in organizing the project. Commercial bookscanners are expensive, but recently […]

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Monthly Emotiv EPOC Meetup


We are hosting a recurring meetup for people interested in the Emotiv EPOC. Our first meeting will be this Friday (1/28) at 7:00pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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Processing + EPOC via OSC


How would you like to create interactive art that responds to your thoughts, moods, and facial expressions? Yeah, me too. Thanks to Mind Your OSCs and oscP5, interpreting the Emotiv EPOC‘s data within a Processing sketch (and by extension, Arduino) could not be easier, even with the consumer (i.e. most affordable) version of the EPOC. […]

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Arduino + fischertechnik


Experimenting with using Arduino to control a fischertechnik kit. Link to the article.

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