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EverFree NW Organizing at Jigsaw Renaissance


On Saturday, 2012-01-14, Jigsaw Renaissance hosted the convening team for EverFree NW, a family-friendly conference for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  /]*[\ ALSO:  We made arrangements for a Pony-related drawing & sculpting class! The class will be given by Mike Humes, who studies art at the Art Institute of Seattle.  Note the date!  February […]

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More Images from the Pinkie Pie Party!


Great Love and Myriad Thanks to Bronies Sea-Tac for all of your help and outpouring, ..! Many thanks to all at Jigsaw for trying out something “unusual” (to say the least!) as well. This party was just FANTASTIC! Attendance: 38 Like these photos?  I have uploaded many, many more!

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We are Racing Like Rainbow Dash to put this party on! ** 7 PM TONIGHT at JIGSAW RENAISSANCE!! **

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Pinkie Pie Party Flier


Bronie Jaylon has supplied us with a great flier for the event!  If someone could print up a bunch of these, it’d be greatly appreciated!

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Pinkie Pie Party!


Rather than doing a movie for this Structure of Experience, … …in celebration of the holidays, we’re playing … …well, — it’s a secret!! And: it’s not just a showing — it’s also a party! With awesome music from the Internetz, videos, food, people, and life sized (plywood) ponies! Come make friends, see & hear […]

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Metaphoric Objects!


Have fun, explore, and share about yourself,  at Jigsaw Renaissance!  We’ll have a creative encounter with space, objects, and the tensions between them.  Use found objects and found space, to make a physical representation of what makes you uniquely you.  Then, we’ll share what we’ve created with each.  Sounds unlikely?  It’s easy!  And it always […]

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Metaphorical Objects!


Who are you? Who are these other people? If I am an artist, what do I make? Explore these questions on Saturday!  You don’t need to be an artist, in any capacity. This is going to be a fun, gentle activity in making — but you don’t need any craftiness or technical skill.  We’re making […]

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Fundraising Event, & Preparation [Tuesday Nights]


What: Fund Raiser Preparation Workshops & Add Diction Folk Opera Fundraiser When: Tuesday evenings 8-9:30 until June 22 Who: Graphic Artists, Musicians, Event Logistics folk, Marketers, Sculptors, Videographers, A/V techs, Puppet makers, Interpretive Dancers (and all those who want to be part of such) Owen writes: My plan is to bring people and resources into […]

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