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Blue Hackers Meet Up

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Blue Hackers MeetUp Sunday, February 12, 2012 4:00-6:30pm Jigsaw Renaissance (at the Inscape Building, 815 Seattle Blvd S, 98134) Depression, anxiety,bi-polar, Asperger’s, ADHD, and more… Hackers, makers, and geeks are not immune from mental health challenges. In fact, our subculture brings with it specific challenges related to breaking down barriers to accessing support for mental […]

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Project needs support


Jigsaw’s Board of Directors decided to change from Wells Fargo bank to a local credit union because we were tired of giving our money away in bank fees. This is decision had been in process for a couple of months with a final decision made in September, 2011. As a member, I request that Jigsaw […]

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Halloween Costume Work Party


Halloween Costume Work Party WHAT: Open work space time with tools (and support, perfect opportunity to learn how to use a sewing machine) WHERE: Jigsaw Renaissance, 815 Seattle Blvd South, Seattle WA WHEN: Saturdays in October form 2 to 6pm WHY: to make the most excellent Halloween costumes ever! Halloween costumes are the perfect Jigsaw Renaissance project, potential […]

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How to Keep Track of Everything You Think


Lion Kimbro provided an in-depth orientation to his very elegant system of keeping track of ideas with journals on Sunday, October 2nd. Even though I got there an hour into the presentation, I still took away enough content to enhance my use of notebooks as peripheral brain. Here are some pragmatic take aways: Idea journals are […]

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Jigsaw Turns Two Years Old


Wow! What a great evening for a birthday party. I counted 20 humans and one dog. Attached is a photo of what the birthday cake looked like before we started eating it. I have to say that it is INCREDIBLY gratifying to have a community where I show up with a crazy idea and the […]

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Why Unions Still Matter


I’ve been following developments in Wisconsin’s capitol city the last few weeks with much interest. Here’s a little chunk from a blog entry I’ve written called “Why Unions Still Matter” The United States has a legacy of “rugged individualism” that makes us knee-jerk against things that seem to attack our freedoms. We tend to believe […]

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World Cup Cricket Live at the Jig


Why, why, why would you ever get up to be at Jigsaw by 5:30am? If you’re like me, you have a partner who is very, very into cricket. Not the insect, family Gryllidae. The sport. You know, the one Americans are constantly comparing to baseball because there is a bat, batsman (well, two batsmen) and […]

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Casual Science: Microwave Plasma

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