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Diaspora @ JR


A few people at JR have started Diaspora servers to try out the alpha release.  Diaspora is a distributed social networking service. Diaspora is an alternative to facebook that gives end users the power to control their information.  I have high hopes for the project, we need to control the services we use online if […]

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Moral Underground & Barter


A few days ago our fearless leader Willow shared an interesting blog post from Disinformation on the moral economy: Kathleen Burge at the Boston Globe has this review: As Newton resident Lisa Dodson, a Boston College sociology professor in the thick of a research project, was interviewing a grocery story manager in the Midwest about […]

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JR Orientation


Ever wonder what power tools we have at JR, or what other people are working on? We have a lot of cool tools available, and not just the kind you plug into the wall… Our fearless leader Willow Brugh (who has just returned from a whirl wind tour of other maker spaces) will be doing […]

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Spaceship of Imagination Part 2 Saturday!


SpaceshipThis Saturday, (October 9th, 2010,) (*, **), we’re having the second Spaceship of Imagination for Jigsaw Renaissance! Spaceship of Imagination!  Jigsaw Renaissance (1026 Madison) Oct. 9th (Sat.) – 8:30 PM – 11:00 PM Spaceship of Imagination is a social gathering where meaningful and visionary conversations take place that lead to action.  At its core are […]

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Help Needed: Vote for Krispijn to Live in a Museum


This summer Chicago Museum of Science and Industry solicited entries from people that would be willing to join the Museum as a full time live in experiment.  Over 1,500 people applied to become human lab rats, including one of our own JR members. After an interview process the field has been limited to 5 finalist […]

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Help Build a Book Scanner


JR has a great new project coming up building a DYI Book scanner WHAT? A bookscanner quickly scans books at high quality to your computer without damaging the book and outputs a pdf, djvu, jpgs, whatever. Then you can read them on your ebook reader or computer, share them with friends or the internets, etc. […]

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ThriftCamp @ JR


ThriftCamp is a one-day unconference discussing how to live well on a limited means. Living in a consumption culture that is destroying our limited resources and in tough economic times, I find this idea great. For those not familiar with unconferences, the main Idea is to bring smart people together and to share ideas in […]

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Willow @ Gnomedex 10

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