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Tim Clemans, Office Manager

How to Influence Non Makers


As a maker at Jigsaw Renaissance, do you feel like you’re losing touch with the outside world? Do you feel like the only people you can influence are those already makers? What about the power players? Could you influence them? I believe everyone is a maker. We make things as kids. We make food. We […]

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Board Meeting

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Space Federation January 2013 Hangout

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Communication skills for introverts


I interviewed Randy Olson, author of Don’t be Such a Scientist: Talking Substance in an Age of Style and director of Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus. I contacted Randy because I his book and Flock of Dodos inspired me to learn how to communicate better. Thanks Randy for taking the time to be […]

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10 year old tells the world about blackbox inventor


No other field inspires me like Aviation Safety. 10 year olds like Eve Cogan remind that age and lack of training are no excuse for not achieving great things. Eve is campaigning for an airport to be named after David Warren, inventor of the blackbox. Thank you Eve for teaching me about the man who […]

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Magic Realism


Magic Realism Discover your internal divine inspiration (Weekly Meetup – Free, donation requested) This is a free prerequisite class for the “Cinematic Magic Realism Workshop”. Fellow Explorer!! Come and join us on the journey of creation! As an oyster only needs one crystalline grain of sand to create a pearl, an artist only requires an […]

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