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Board meeting tonight! Our monthly meeting in which we discuss the ins and outs of Jigsaw operations. Bring pom poms and beer! Followed by project night, where you can… work on projects! Wednesday night is Dorkbot, our friends doing strange things with electricity. This month’s theme is Material Culture, with talks on how objects enunciate […]

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Jigsaw Needs You.


Like other hacker/maker spaces around the world, Jigsaw is building a new, non-corporate model based on the strength of collaboration. We’re working together to build a world where anyone willing to share their time and money to learn, teach, or build can do so with a group of like-minded people. Jigsaw’s new space was specifically […]

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Support for Hazard Factory


Rusty of Hazard Factory is writing for a grant for All Metal Arts through Livingsocial and Chase. To be eligible for consideration, he needs 250 signatures of support for All Metal Arts. If you want to see even more workshops, instruction and access; please go here click “login and support” and vote for All […]

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Educational Initiative


All Hands Active in Ann Arbor participates with something called Bright Futures – I was on the phone with them yesterday to see how the program might be replicated at Jigsaw. Members sign up to do a one-hour session at the established after-school program called Bright Futures. The school pays for their gas and one […]

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Seattle Mini Maker Faire booth workshop


originally posted at Wondering what makes a good booth for Seattle Mini Maker Faire? Want to meet the staff and other exhibitors from Maker Faire? This workshop will help you: Design your exhibit Craft engaging hands-on activities for the public Write the required safety plan Design signs to explain your project, because answering the […]

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    A celebration of all the things you’ve seen this past month. Bring, to share on the projector or outloud: 1 favorite YouTube video (under 5 minutes, please) 5 favorite posts to Twitter the project you finished during Finish Your Project or Get Punched in the Face

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Operations Manager


Jigsaw is hiring an operations manager. It’s not a lot to offer at first, but we really appreciate it. – 6 hours a month on membership, scheduling events, and general organization – If they can diagnose where a mess came from, they charge that person $60/hour (as in membership agreement) – Charge non-key members $15/hour […]

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Finish Your Project or Get Punched in the Face


Friday, July 22nd and Saturday the 23rd we’ll be dedicating the hours of 17:00 to 20:00 (that’s 5p to 8p for all you non robots) to finishing projects. This can be a pair of pants that just need the buttons sewn on, a kit that’s been laying around the house for forever, or even claiming […]

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