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Inward Journey: Discover your internal divine inspiration


(Weekly Meetup – Free, donation requested) This is a free prerequisite class for the “Cinematic Magic Realism Workshop“. Fellow Explorer!! Come and join us on the journey of creation! As an oyster only needs one crystalline grain of sand to create a pearl, an artist only requires an idea or a feeling with which to begin […]

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Watch Teardown Thursday


You’re invited to join’s Ned Konz’s teardown group tonight at 6PM. His group is continuing to exam a HP multifunction printer his group took apart three weeks ago. They’re going to re-assemble the modules we removed from the printer, and look at the communications protocols and motor driver electronics in an attempt to re-use the […]

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Visit from They Shall Walk


Monty Reed from They Shall Walk gave a demonstration of his work on therapy robots for walking.

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Happy New Years!


My New Years related schedule is printing out list of places in the world and when their midnight is our time in Seattle and doing a class on accomplishing New Years resolutions. My 2013 New Years resolution is to become the most driven person in Seattle. Watch the live stream of us working and playing […]

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Dance of the Second Dawn: Pictures!


The masquerade ball was amazing! There was great music provided by 6 Minutes ’til Midnight Plus freeform beatmaking with Holofunk: And lots of food, fun, and most importantly, masks:

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Events and Classes For January 2013


January 2013 – Events and Classes (PDF)

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Dance of the Second Dawn: The Makers’ Masquerade Ball [UPDATE]


By now you’ve probably heard a rumor that there will be a little masquerade ball fundraiser, Dance of the Second Dawn: The Makers’ Masquerade, at Jigsaw Renaissance this Saturday evening from 6-10pm. It’s true! The band, 6 Minutes ’til Midnight, will be performing. Rob Jellinghaus will present his Holofunk with 2 player support. We’ll have beer, wine, […]

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Mask-making and more at Project Night


We had a busy Project Night. Several people were preparing for Saturday’s masquerade ball by making masks and hanging lights. There was also the usual hackery activity too. The fun continues tonight at SCRoW.

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