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Multitouch Table Progress


I happened to catch Nick and Budi working on the multitouch table yesterday. Apparently just before I arrived, Nick had drilled dozens of holes into acrylic strips. The strips will surround the glass surface and infrared LEDs will be mounted in the holes. In the foreground of this picture you can see one of the […]

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What is Parkour?


Our Zombie Preparedness : Parkour is tomorrow (learn more and register on the original entry)! In celebration, our instructor Brandee from Parkour Visions did a write-up for us: Intro to Parkour Training for the Zombie Apocalypse I. Introduction: What is parkour? II. What’s parkour have to do with zombies? III. When is training utilized? IV. […]

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Soldering, Coding, Juggling


Tonight two events overlapped: SCoW and Juggling. We had a decent amount of soldering, coding, AND juggling: (Soldering a multiple RGB LED board, working on Arduino, learning to pass rings.)

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SCoW 3/23 Report


Just a few impressions and photos from tonight’s inaugural Soldering and Coding on Wednesdays meeting. The Great Global Hackerspace Challenge group was still finishing up at 7 as SCoW started. Most of them stayed for SCoW. We had about seven people to start with; four more people dropped in as the evening progressed. One of […]

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Blogging Opportunity!


The amazing Brian has come across a jorb in his actual career path, and so we now have an opening for a Steampunk Workshop scholarshiped key at Jigsaw. What does this mean? You write a blog entry once a week to go on the highly visible and awesome Steampunk Workshop about making things! Things at […]

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Failing at 5000 Feet


The Aviation Safety Reporting System, created by the FAA and run by NASA, is a way for the aviation community to learn from the errors of others. In their own words, snipped from the ASRS’s website: “The ASRS collects voluntarily submitted aviation safety incident/situation reports from pilots, controllers, and others. The ASRS acts on the […]

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We made rent! Hooray!


To the Jigsaw community: Thank you! Because of your outpouring of support and funds we made February’s rent. Special thanks to the following people and groups for their generous donations: Leviathan Security Hackerbot Labs, who dedicated their donation bucket to us for a night Alan Widmer Beth Kolko Matt Clymer Steampunk Workshop a lovely group […]

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