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The Search for Space


The meeting 10/7 went well, with many fine people in attendance with good ideas and a desire to get things going. Audio from the meeting can be found here, and notes here. Upcoming meetings will be on October 13th at 7p, to begin planning fundraising events at Newmark Tower, and on October 16th starting at […]

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Spaces Update


Thanks to Willow’s excursions this week, we have some fabulous leads on new potential spaces for Jigsaw Renaissance, especially an amazing 3600 square foot place in Georgetown! Of course, that also means that we’re one step closer to needing some serious start-up capitol. Luckily, thanks to our arrangement with The Learning School, we are also […]

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Short story: I got lots of fun tools for very little money ($57). Top to bottom, left to right: Plumb line Huge roll of caution tape (I figure we’ll need it) 25′ measuring tape Black & Decker engraving tool Rubber mallet Utility knife Some of them will need de-rusting, but I think it’s a good […]

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Visiting Potential Spaces


I’ll be visiting potential spaces Tuesday and Friday of this week, and anyone interested and available is welcome to join! 3519 fremont place n. at 9:30 on the 15th 5628 Airport Way South at 11 on the 15th 5109 Shilshole Ave NW at 11 on the 18th I know these are during work hours, and […]

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Meet-and-Greet Follow-Up


Audio from the gathering can be found here. We covered a lot of stuff, the audio is definitely worth a listen! If anyone would care to throw links associated with references and such, that can be done here. What we now need to work on: finding an appropriate space. If you have a few extra […]

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Sacred Space


When we treat our muse as a mere “idea” that has popped, fully formed, into our heads and we treat our space as a mere “room”, we are doing ourselves a disservice.

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“It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen”


With a focus on action and collaboration, this is a website after Jigsaw’s own heart.

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Blurred Classrooms


How do we build a learning space into what had originally been a living or manufacturing space?

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