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Hello Kitties!


Ceramics artist and Jigsaw member Ling Chun has just put up an installation as part of the Storefronts Seattle program. It’s an interactive animatronic piece consisting of eight maneki-nekos that do “the wave” when people pass by. Check it out at the Publix Hotel on 5th Ave, just a couple of blocks from Jigsaw. Here […]

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3D Printing Comes to Jigsaw!


New Jigsaw desk member Scott is a 3D printing enthusiast. He brought in practically all the components of a Prusa printer, shown here laid out on his desk. Note in particular the extra-powerful NEMA 17 stepper motors, the Smoothie controller board, and the roll of <hushed tone>nylon 618</hushed tone>. (Oooooh.) If none of that made […]

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Dance of the Second Dawn: Pictures!


The masquerade ball was amazing! There was great music provided by 6 Minutes ’til Midnight Plus freeform beatmaking with Holofunk: And lots of food, fun, and most importantly, masks:

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Events and Classes For January 2013


January 2013 – Events and Classes (PDF)

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Inscape Access System Simplified


Getting into Inscape should be waaay easier than it was before. There is an access box just to the left of the main front door to the building. On this box you can use the “A-Z” buttons to scroll through the list of tenants to find Jigsaw then hit the “Call”. The call now rings […]

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WebDev in Action


FREE CLASS Join the Summer Code Party!! Tell your friends, neighbors, family members, and total strangers that Jigsaw Renaissance is offering Intro to WebDev (HTML/CSS) courses for FREE every 1st Thursday of the month at 7pm. Let’s do awesome together Meet, make, and share your creations with friends to learn some code this summer. Here […]

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Support for Hazard Factory


Rusty of Hazard Factory is writing for a grant for All Metal Arts through Livingsocial and Chase. To be eligible for consideration, he needs 250 signatures of support for All Metal Arts. If you want to see even more workshops, instruction and access; please go here click “login and support” and vote for All […]

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We won 1st place. :)


Background Story: Jigsaw Renaissance and Team RaaSIO are developing an autonomous vehicle, and we competed in the SRS Robothon: Robo-Magellan Competition on self-navigating robot. Robo-Magellan Project started by forming around the idea of implementing A.I. We won 1st place. First of all, Congratulations to the team for contributions (big and small) to get to this […]

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