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Seattle Mini Maker Faire: Great Success!


Seattle Mini Maker Faire was amazing, in no small part thanks to the JR members who staffed the soldering station. Here’s some fan mail: Thank you for running the soldering station at Seattle Mini Maker Faire. Please thank the nice woman [Amber –mp] for the special attention that she showed my four children on Saturday. […]

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Potluck pictures (from 4/19)


Budi threw a potluck to celebrate Team RAASIO’s victory at the AT&T Mobile App Hackathon.

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Green screen in use


I caught just a little of Friday’s Journey Quest filming. Pretty neat to see them putting the green wall to use. And check out some of the amazing costumes the actors were wearing:

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JQ @ JR: Behind the Scenes (Part II)


And some more pix:

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JQ @ JR: Behind the Scenes (Part I)


Thursday and Friday, Journey Quest Season 2 filming took over Jigsaw. It was ka-raaa-zy! I took a bunch of photos which I present here without commentary.

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Board Meeting Report


There was a board meeting on Tuesday. Kav attended virtually; Ned and Joshua were there in person. I wasn’t paying too much attention, but I overheard one exciting bit of news: the space is going to get real Internet connectivity! (The current Inscape wi-fi is sub-optimal, if not pessimal.) Afterwards, Ned gave us a look […]

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Lazy Sunday? Aw, hells no!


I went to Jigsaw this morning thinking to get in a little quiet soldering time, but the place turned into a beehive of activity. Some of the Journey Quest crew came in to work on their dungeon set. Lion and Sakura were busy in the tool room building a desk from scratch. Actors did some […]

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Movie Magic at Jigsaw!


Jigsaw Renaissance is looking rather like a movie studio these days as it hosts the Journey Quest production. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of the players rehearsing their fight scenes and some of the props. Hey, while I have your attention, come to SC(R)oW tonight and get your soldering/coding on, and/or learn about github.

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