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Pinkie Pie Party Flier


Bronie Jaylon has supplied us with a great flier for the event!  If someone could print up a bunch of these, it’d be greatly appreciated!

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Pinkie Pie Party Prep!


(UPDATE: More photos added.) Preparations for the Pinkie Pie Party are well under way. There’s a lot to be done between now and Thursday night, so come down to the space and give Lion and Sakura a hand.

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Pinkie Pie Party!


Rather than doing a movie for this Structure of Experience, … …in celebration of the holidays, we’re playing … …well, — it’s a secret!! And: it’s not just a showing — it’s also a party! With awesome music from the Internetz, videos, food, people, and life sized (plywood) ponies! Come make friends, see & hear […]

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Weekly Membership Meeting


Just another Tuesday evening at Jigsaw Renaissance. Neil showed off his nixie tube clock. Earlier today I had built another Amazon crate rack, this one with wheels. I put it in the “loud room” to try to help deal with the clutter.    

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Moving Day! (Part II)

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Moving Day! Part I


Today’s the day! Get down to JR and help move. This is the space we’re moving into:

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SCoW Report 2011-11-16


I bought a strand of RGB “pixels” and tried to get them to work. I was having a little trouble, so Alan suggested looking at the signals on the oscilloscope. Danny helped with the knob-twiddling. Danny also coached Marie with her soldering practice. The JigTwitch remains out of order. Alan suggested a caption for the […]

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Project needs support


Jigsaw’s Board of Directors decided to change from Wells Fargo bank to a local credit union because we were tired of giving our money away in bank fees. This is decision had been in process for a couple of months with a final decision made in September, 2011. As a member, I request that Jigsaw […]

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