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Ned Konz

Teardown Thursday! – Report 2013-01-24


  [SOUND ONLY – SORRY]   This weekly event at Jigsaw Renaissance, hosted by Ned Konz, will examine and learn from the design and construction of the tech items that we use but often never fully understand. You’ll learn about how to quickly reverse-engineer and re-use manufactured objects, paying special attention to understanding systems and […]

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Workshop: Learn to Solder, Tuesday 9/18


Help Jigsaw, have fun, and make a blinky! Ned will be leading another of his renowned “learn to solder” workshops this Tuesday at 7PM. You can build either his Jar of Fireflies board or the Bliplace, a “wearable, hackable, sound-activated blinky light toy”. The entrance fee is $35 for members and $50 for non-members, with […]

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