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Tamara Clammer’s Swan Lake Headdresses


There’s something amazing happening at Jigsaw every day.  Today, we captured some pics of Jigsaw Member Tamara Clammer’s R&D process for a Concord International Elementary School project. Tamara is developing headdresses for Concord’s Spring production of Swan Lake. Looks fantastic!

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Jigsaw Celebrates Pi Day!


Today is Pi Day everyone!  Jigsaw celebrated in style thanks to Monica’s famous Pi Pies! Member Pat also brought in celebratory Pi fruits and Pi ice creams. In all the fun, we noticed that one of Pat’s fruits laid across one of Monnica’s pies along the diameter nicely, and we decided to do a little […]

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Busy Monday Afternoon


Jigsaw Renaissance was fairly buzzing with activity this afternoon. Ben & co. were feverishly preparing for this evening’s screening of a rough cut of Gamers. There was some cross-pollination going on between Team Elcano and RaaSIO. Scott was getting yet another 3D printer up and running. And those are just the folks I managed to […]

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3D Printing Comes to Jigsaw!


New Jigsaw desk member Scott is a 3D printing enthusiast. He brought in practically all the components of a Prusa printer, shown here laid out on his desk. Note in particular the extra-powerful NEMA 17 stepper motors, the Smoothie controller board, and the roll of <hushed tone>nylon 618</hushed tone>. (Oooooh.) If none of that made […]

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Teardown Thursday! – Report 2013-01-24


  [SOUND ONLY – SORRY]   This weekly event at Jigsaw Renaissance, hosted by Ned Konz, will examine and learn from the design and construction of the tech items that we use but often never fully understand. You’ll learn about how to quickly reverse-engineer and re-use manufactured objects, paying special attention to understanding systems and […]

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Magic Realism


Magic Realism Discover your internal divine inspiration (Weekly Meetup – Free, donation requested) This is a free prerequisite class for the “Cinematic Magic Realism Workshop”. Fellow Explorer!! Come and join us on the journey of creation! As an oyster only needs one crystalline grain of sand to create a pearl, an artist only requires an […]

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Interview with Graham Ryland, CEO of Barobo, Educational Robotics Company


Disclaimer: the interviewer has received mentorship and products from this company If it weren’t for Barobo I wouldn’t be involved in the creative world today. In August 2012 Barobo put their robot on Google Hangouts. I became obsessed with playing with it every time they put it on. A few months later I went to […]

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Workshop: Learn to Solder, Tuesday 9/18


Help Jigsaw, have fun, and make a blinky! Ned will be leading another of his renowned “learn to solder” workshops this Tuesday at 7PM. You can build either his Jar of Fireflies board or the Bliplace, a “wearable, hackable, sound-activated blinky light toy”. The entrance fee is $35 for members and $50 for non-members, with […]

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