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Scott Turner

A Hive of Activity


Jigsaw Renaissance is an incubator of learning and innovation!  Just feast your eyes on tonight’s happenings in the apiary: First up, knower and teacher of all things computer science is Pat Tressel.  Here, she’s schoolin’ Meredith and Budi in finite state machines using MIT’s Scratch as a learning tool! Here we have Ed and Mike with a satisfying mixture […]

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Tuesday Night is Project Night!


Interesting projects happening tonight at Jigsaw. First up, Charlie conquers Android and reveals that he is actually a model T-0001 shapeshifter.  The app he’s working on tonight will allow him to contact Skynet for further instructions: And Scott’s 3D printing juggernaut knows no bounds: Stop by Jigsaw most evenings, and talk with Scott if you’re interested building […]

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3D Printer Hacking


3D printing is hot at Jigsaw! Scott and Rick worked late into the evening today on several printer projects.

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Busy Monday Afternoon


Jigsaw Renaissance was fairly buzzing with activity this afternoon. Ben & co. were feverishly preparing for this evening’s screening of a rough cut of Gamers. There was some cross-pollination going on between Team Elcano and RaaSIO. Scott was getting yet another 3D printer up and running. And those are just the folks I managed to […]

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