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Tamara Clammer

Leatherworking Meetup


Tamara Clammer led another successful leatherworking meetup tonight. Participants managed to twist a strip of leather into a braid (apparently by magic)! Next Seattle Leatherworking Meetup: October 1st.

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Mask Making, Anyone?


Jigsaw desk member Tamara Clammer is a professional mask maker and runs Face Odd Masks.  She also hosts the Seattle Leatherworking Meetup seen here in Jigsaw’s classroom:

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Tamara Clammer’s Swan Lake Headdresses


There’s something amazing happening at Jigsaw every day.  Today, we captured some pics of Jigsaw Member Tamara Clammer’s R&D process for a Concord International Elementary School project. Tamara is developing headdresses for Concord’s Spring production of Swan Lake. Looks fantastic!

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