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Raspberry Jam 5/20 Notes


We had a nice little Jam last night. Brent and Dustin from C4 Labs came up from Tacoma to give away some of their awesome Pi cases–wow! Pat got some ideas for panning and tilting his camera. Newbies Gordon and Paul hopefully got some help and inspiration. Steve gave a little tutorial on the Pi’s […]

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A Year of Books: The Better Angels of Our Nature by Steven Pinker


Our second book is The Better Angels of Our Nature by Steven Pinker. Here the subject explained by the author: Feel free to discuss it in the comments here, but please keep all conversation relevant to this book.   THIS EVENT IS SPONSORED BY: Amelia R. Gill Memorial Library + Discovery Space Thank you everyone for doing your […]

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A Year of Books


Thank you everyone for doing your best to help out with ARG Space (Amelia R. Gill Memorial Library + Discovery Space) project. GOOD NEWS! The Gill family has pledged seed funding for the design of ARG memorial library project. To celebrate this, I’ll be hosting A Year of Books every other Friday at Jigsaw Renaissance […]

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SCRoW Report 2/26


Rich brought along a few iterations of the Hack-E-Bot, a low-cost educational robot he’s developing. Cool laser-cut pieces! Marina enlisted Xandon to assist in her project to make interactive stairs, the goal being to make taking the stairs more fun. Xandon has a Kinect and has written software to play musical tones as people walk […]

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Raspberry Pi Meetup notes 12/18


The meeting kicked off with Eva’s RasPi-controlled Christmas tree–very cool! JR’s own Alan W shared his courageous story of getting ssh to work. Newcomer Dennis wanted to get an infrared motion detector working with his Raspberry Pi but didn’t know where to start, so some of the more experienced folks showed him how to edit […]

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Raspberry Pi Meetup Report


A very interesting meetup last night. We had three presentations. First, Rutger gave an overview of RasPi basics for the newbies. Then Alan told us about BitTorrentSync and how he’s installed it on his Raspberry Pi to make his own personal “Dropbox”-like system. Finally, Steven showed off something amazing: an old school Mac with a […]

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Aaron Swartz Memorial Hackathon this weekend


This weekend, November 8-10, hackathons will be taking place all over the world in memory of Aaron Swartz. Jigsaw is hosting the Seattle hackathon. The event will bring together the varied communities that Aaron touched to figure out how the important problems of the world connect, and to share the load of working on those […]

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Kickstarter Unveiled: Saturday 10/26


Jigsaw’s own Ben Dobyns will be conducting a workshop on Kickstarter this Saturday starting at 10AM. Ben and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment have been remarkably successful at raising funds via Kickstarter, and he’ll be sharing the secrets of his success. More info and registration (required) at

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