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Circuit Board Cookies!


Monica is busy making circuit board cookies for tonight’s Arduino meetup. They’re so realistic!

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“Build a 3D Printer” Workshop on Saturday


Space is limited for Scott’s inaugural 3D printer workshop on Saturday. Over the course of five hours, you will build your very own 3D printer. Email Scott for more information and to reserve your spot. Don’t worry, there will be other workshops if you can’t get in this time. In the video below, you can […]

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Happy 10011th Birthday, Danny!


This week’s SCRoW was enlivened by a surprise birthday celebration for Danny. Jigsaw’s resident whiz-kid turned 19, so there were five candles on the cake, some lit, some dark, in the pattern on-off-off-on-on (19 in binary). Many happy returns, Danny!

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Board Meeting

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Teardown Thursdays Report 2013-01-31


Ned’s current project is the old pipetting machine that’s been sitting around for a while. The pipetting stuff is gone, but what remains is a 3-axis machine that’s begging to be turned into some sort of CNC tool. All Ned has to do is figure out how to control it. He has determined that there […]

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SCRoW Report 2013-01-30


Ed and Mike made their first visit to the ‘Saw. Ed brought along his work-in-progress robot. Ultimately he intends to mount an Android device to give his robot vision capability. He and Mike told me a bit about Android programming, which they made sound kind of fun.Speaking of Android programming, Pat was busy at a […]

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Leather Mask Workshop Report


New Jigsaw member Tamara led a workshop on making leather masks, and I attended. The first step was creating the outline of the mask. After several iterations of sketching designs on paper and cutting them out, I ended up with something I thought was reasonable. I traced the design onto a piece of vegetable-tanned leather […]

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Teardown Thursday! – Report 2013-01-24


  [SOUND ONLY – SORRY]   This weekly event at Jigsaw Renaissance, hosted by Ned Konz, will examine and learn from the design and construction of the tech items that we use but often never fully understand. You’ll learn about how to quickly reverse-engineer and re-use manufactured objects, paying special attention to understanding systems and […]

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