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How to get a $50,000 Gates Foundation grant


This is a meeting with Meredith W, Billionaire PA, James Carlson, Tim Clemans, Michael Park, Tom McDonald, and Charles Clemans. We discussed getting a grant from the Gates Foundation and ideas for The Big-Brainedsuperheros Club.

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Events and Classes For January 2013


January 2013 – Events and Classes (PDF)

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Jigsaw Needs You.


Like other hacker/maker spaces around the world, Jigsaw is building a new, non-corporate model based on the strength of collaboration. We’re working together to build a world where anyone willing to share their time and money to learn, teach, or build can do so with a group of like-minded people. Jigsaw’s new space was specifically […]

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Modular Automotive Company and Learning and Making Community Form Partnership for Open-Source Automotive Electronics


Jigsaw Renaissance and WIKISPEED are excited to announce development of each and every electronic component available in modern automobiles as open-source, low-cost modules. Modern automobiles include dozens to hundreds of microprocessors, accounting for up to 70 percent of the development cost of an automobile as a whole. Typically, the processor designs and the codes that […]

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Property Tags (aka Parking Tickets)


Ned printed up a bunch of colorful property tags. These should help us distinguish between junk and stuff people are working on. The tags are stored at the office supply shelf. Grab a few and unleash your inner meter maid. Here are a few in action:

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Painted Wall with Chroma Green Paint for Our Green Screen Productions


Roy Hardman painted the green wall with two coats of paint.  Michael Park was there to take a picture and hear endless stories.   Thanks, Michael There is still perhaps 1/4 or more of the gallon left. Next we need a desk or two that can be placed in front of the screen so we […]

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Serious Cleanliness


Here are some photos I took just after I cleaned the front half of Jigsaw on Thursday in prep for Inscape Arts Open Studios: I wish I had taken “before” photos for comparison, but here are some photos of the back of the house, which come pretty close: This messiness is obscenely disrespectful to our […]

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Help keep JR clean


If you’ve ever wondered how to take out the trash at Jigsaw (and who hasn’t?), check out this great instructional video shot in gritty cinéma vérité style: Alan Widmer Presents An Alan Widmer Production Based on a story by Alan Widmer Starring Alan Widmer Directed by Alan Widmer Videography by Alan Widmer Edited by Alan Widmer […]

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