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Workshop: Learn to Solder, Tuesday 9/18


Help Jigsaw, have fun, and make a blinky! Ned will be leading another of his renowned “learn to solder” workshops this Tuesday at 7PM. You can build either his Jar of Fireflies board or the Bliplace, a “wearable, hackable, sound-activated blinky light toy”. The entrance fee is $35 for members and $50 for non-members, with […]

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WebDev in Action


FREE CLASS Join the Summer Code Party!! Tell your friends, neighbors, family members, and total strangers that Jigsaw Renaissance is offering Intro to WebDev (HTML/CSS) courses for FREE every 1st Thursday of the month at 7pm. Let’s do awesome together Meet, make, and share your creations with friends to learn some code this summer. Here […]

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Squishy Circuits


Mike Osuna brought his new creation and shared it with us during the SCRoW. He’s demonstrating how the Squishy Circuits can be used for introducing electronics to young kids. Squishy circuits are a project from the Thomas Lab at the University of St. Thomas. The goal of the project is to design tools and activities […]

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Educational Initiative


All Hands Active in Ann Arbor participates with something called Bright Futures – I was on the phone with them yesterday to see how the program might be replicated at Jigsaw. Members sign up to do a one-hour session at the established after-school program called Bright Futures. The school pays for their gas and one […]

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