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Making stuff at the Saw


A small sample of the stuff people are making at Jigsaw nowadays: Anton’s been building a 3-D printer with Scott’s help. Here’s Anton putting the finishing touches on it: Danny’s been working on a pneumatic cylinder for Halloween animatronics. Today he was experimenting with making a piston out of Instamorph moldable plastic. Taking a piece […]

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Raspberry Pi and SCRoW


I saw a video on how to turn a Raspberry Pi into a laptop of sorts. It sounded neat, so I bought an Atrix 4G dock and the requisite cables. Last night, Danny helped me splice the cables together per the video, and mirabile dictu, it worked! Mark your calendar: In three weeks, Rob Bishop […]

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Door Lock Prototype Test


With the help of Steve Devine, I cobbled together a proof-of-concept door lock (or more precisely, a doorknob-turner). It’s a small step toward a “keyless” entry system. As you can see, it works, but it’s pretty darn Rube Goldbergy. If you have some ideas for improving it, leave a comment or come to SCRoW Wednesday […]

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Bring Your Project


It’s always satisfying when a perfectly good electronics item can be rescued from the trash. Take this poor Magnavox mini TV. Sound worked, but no video. Popping open the case revealed a capacitor that had obviously blown up.  A little disassembly and soldering of a new cap later, and the TV came back to life […]

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Thursday evening shenanigans


On Thursdays, Ned comes in and either tears something down (for educational purposes) or fixes something up. I’m not sure what tonight’s activity counts as. He brought in a Big Mouth Billy Bass, and he and Rehana have been hacking into it, taking control of its servos. In the picture, you can see them causing […]

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Organ Donation


Desk member Tom spent part of Tuesday happily hacking on some old relay boards salvaged from a defunct pipe organ. These devices were used to switch ranks of pipes in and out, but who knows what new purposes Tom will put them to?

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Arduino Meetup Report


The Arduino Meetup met at Jigsaw last Friday. The night’s project was to make strands of EL (electroluminescent) wire beat to members’ own pulses. Using the Arduino-compatible pulse sensor, available at, and the EL Escudo from SparkFun, members soldered, assembled and programmed all evening. One of the most difficult activities was attaching JST pins […]

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Teardown Thursdays Report 2013-01-31


Ned’s current project is the old pipetting machine that’s been sitting around for a while. The pipetting stuff is gone, but what remains is a 3-axis machine that’s begging to be turned into some sort of CNC tool. All Ned has to do is figure out how to control it. He has determined that there […]

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