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Space Palette + Holofunk = Bizarre Wide-open Dual-project Kinect Space Jam Session


Tim Thompson and Rob Jellinghaus will be visiting on Tuesday, September 25 each with his own Kinect-based music project. Check out their videos linked below. This should be amaaaazing to see and hear, so don’t miss it. Tuesday night is “project night” at Jigsaw. The Space Palette as well as the Holofunk will be at Jigsaw for […]

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Enjoying ROSberry Pi at Jigsaw


Check out this ROSberry Pi wiki tutorial by Chuck Harrison (ROS < Robot Operating System > on Raspberry Pi):

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WebDev in Action


FREE CLASS Join the Summer Code Party!! Tell your friends, neighbors, family members, and total strangers that Jigsaw Renaissance is offering Intro to WebDev (HTML/CSS) courses for FREE every 1st Thursday of the month at 7pm. Let’s do awesome together Meet, make, and share your creations with friends to learn some code this summer. Here […]

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Modular Automotive Company and Learning and Making Community Form Partnership for Open-Source Automotive Electronics


Jigsaw Renaissance and WIKISPEED are excited to announce development of each and every electronic component available in modern automobiles as open-source, low-cost modules. Modern automobiles include dozens to hundreds of microprocessors, accounting for up to 70 percent of the development cost of an automobile as a whole. Typically, the processor designs and the codes that […]

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We won 1st place. :)


Background Story: Jigsaw Renaissance and Team RaaSIO are developing an autonomous vehicle, and we competed in the SRS Robothon: Robo-Magellan Competition on self-navigating robot. Robo-Magellan Project started by forming around the idea of implementing A.I. We won 1st place. First of all, Congratulations to the team for contributions (big and small) to get to this […]

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Squishy Circuits


Mike Osuna brought his new creation and shared it with us during the SCRoW. He’s demonstrating how the Squishy Circuits can be used for introducing electronics to young kids. Squishy circuits are a project from the Thomas Lab at the University of St. Thomas. The goal of the project is to design tools and activities […]

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SCRoW Report 2012-04-11


Sorry I’ve been remiss in posting SCRoW reports recently, but here’s one for this week. A couple of young roboticists came in eager to work on something. Fortunately, Budi had a little robot kit which they assembled. Newcomer Sam showed us some surplus mechanics that he hopes to turn into a CNC mill and/or 3D […]

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Supporting the Robo-Magellan Project


The Jigsaw Renaissance Robo-Magellan Team needs your support!! Who we are: The Jigsaw Renaissance Robo-Magellan (JR-RM) team is building an autonomous robotic vehicle to compete in Seattle’s Robothon, on June 2 (more info here). This is a competition that will require skills in hardware, software, and a lot of ingenuity in order to compete with […]

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