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SCoW Report 10/12


Wow, a full house tonight. Plenty of new faces: Eric, a recent transplant from MI; Sameer and Dan, a couple of MS guys; and Ben and Anne from NY, touring west coast hackerspaces. Btw, would someone please get on the JR stamp project, stat? Tonight we really needed one to to stamp Ben and Anne’s […]

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SCoW Report: 9/28


Alan and Budi made good progress on IACS. They managed to fill in the missing step in the documentation and got LEDs flashing and relays closing. Also: bonus points to Alan for taking out the trash. I was looking for help to make a stepper motor animation. Lion came by and we bounced some ideas […]

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SCoW Report 9/21


Alan Widmer hosted SCoW last week and submitted this report: A good mix of makers turned out for SCoW this week. We were greeted by a large box containing 9 brand new Weller WLC100 soldering irons that we earned from the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge. The JigTwitch was connected to the new hacked router to […]

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Jigsaw Turns Two Years Old


Wow! What a great evening for a birthday party. I counted 20 humans and one dog. Attached is a photo of what the birthday cake looked like before we started eating it. I have to say that it is INCREDIBLY gratifying to have a community where I show up with a crazy idea and the […]

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SCoW Report 9/14


Scenes from last night’s SCoW: Also: Budi and Ned discussed programming options for kids. Annie from a neighboring studio dropped in and showed off a sculpture she’d been working on. Next week, Alan will be hosting SCoW, starting earlier than usual at 6:30. A few more photos here.

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SCoW 8/31


Danny and I experimented with Robin’s stepper motor and controller. The plan/hope is to be able to explain to Robin exactly how the thing works. Lawrence tried to recruit Danny to help him design a new RepRap controller board. Apparently at last week’s SCoW (which I missed— and btw, thank you, Budi, for hosting) some […]

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Edge-lit Displays!


At last night’s SCoW, we worked on edge-lit displays (as promised here). Budi dove right in and created a magnificent glowing JR nautilus: Meanwhile,  Alan experimented with my SCoW display by adding a red LED on the other side. Next stop: anaglyph 3-D displays?? I’ll bring my box of edge-lighting stuff to next week’s SCoW […]

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SCoW Project: Floating Glow Display


I saw this cool project and thought it might be a fun thing to try at the next SCoW. As a test, I whipped this up: Some other examples are here and here. Anyhow, I’ll bring supplies on Wednesday. $10 will get you a “kit” ($5 if you’re a JR member), and all proceeds will […]

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