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SCoW and Chow


A lot of food at tonight’s SCoW. The evening started with Alan, Budi, and Danny discussing the Inscape Access Control System. I fueled the fire with some donuts. Laurence came in with his Subway sandwich but no 3D printer, so that was a letdown. Actually, he made up for it with his enthusiasm for building […]

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SCoW Notes


You may recall that JR had a team in the Great Globalspace Hacker Challenge. Well, a package from GGHC arrived just in time for SCoW this week. Budi and Alan (GGHC team members) opened it to find a nice soldering iron and some support materials. Bill came in a little later, then Pat came by […]

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You can ring our bell


At last night’s SCoW, we installed a wireless doorbell. The button is on the sandwich board. Hopefully, people in the space will set out the board so that people who want in can ring. A little technical note: It turns out that the button is a little too far from the receiver for reliable operation, […]

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    A celebration of all the things you’ve seen this past month. Bring, to share on the projector or outloud: 1 favorite YouTube video (under 5 minutes, please) 5 favorite posts to Twitter the project you finished during Finish Your Project or Get Punched in the Face

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Finish Your Project or Get Punched in the Face


Friday, July 22nd and Saturday the 23rd we’ll be dedicating the hours of 17:00 to 20:00 (that’s 5p to 8p for all you non robots) to finishing projects. This can be a pair of pants that just need the buttons sewn on, a kit that’s been laying around the house for forever, or even claiming […]

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What Would JR Do (WWJRD)


What would JR do (WWJRD) when we’re in desperate need of few things to continue building our projects? We learn to make it, right? Here’s for example: When building the Multi Touch Surface Interface (which is basically a giant iPad in the form of a table), we needed few things in order to complete it, […]

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New Board; O-scope; SCoW


Our newly-elected board (Ned, Bob, Joshua, Robin, Kav) met tonight for the first time. Willow brought them up to speed. Read all about it on the wiki: While they were discussing serious business, Wes Cherry donated a bunch of electronic parts and an oscilloscope(!) Thank you, Wes! Budi, Alan, and Brittney came for SCoW. […]

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Many Hands Make Light(-emitting diodes) Work


At last night’s SCoW, Alan W, Rehana, Danny, and Budi worked together to solder  many many IR LEDs for the multitouch table. Meanwhile Wim worked on the multitouch software. There was a little hiccup at the start because some of the LED holders had the wrong number of holes, but they got it straightened out. […]

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