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Work in progress…looking for co-conspirators


[Chuck] started on a project to make a tool which measures long straight movements very precisely — think 50 feet, 0.005 inch — using a wire, a webcam, and some software. He started a writeup here: . If anyone is interested in collaborating on this, it would have a better chance of reaching fruition…

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Bigger is Better – MacroWebcam Project


Check out this Macro Webcam Project by Chuck Harrison

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Enjoying ROSberry Pi at Jigsaw


Check out this ROSberry Pi wiki tutorial by Chuck Harrison (ROS < Robot Operating System > on Raspberry Pi):

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Inscape Access System Simplified


Getting into Inscape should be waaay easier than it was before. There is an access box just to the left of the main front door to the building. On this box you can use the “A-Z” buttons to scroll through the list of tenants to find Jigsaw then hit the “Call”. The call now rings […]

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Working on the fume hood


Happened to find Dug working on the fume hood the other day.

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Nixie Tube Clock


Just another Tuesday evening at Jigsaw Renaissance. Neil showed off his nixie tube clock. Earlier today I had built another Amazon crate rack, this one with wheels. I put it in the “loud room” to try to help deal with the clutter.

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The Kitchen Conundrum


To place the Kickstarter widget on your own page: <a href=’’><img border=’0′ src=’’ /></a>

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