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SCRoW Report 2012-03-21


Lawrence and Danny put some Bus Pirate boards through their solder reflow oven. Newcomer Derek worked on duplicating Theo Jansen’s strandbeest leg mechanism. Some members of the Robo-Magellan team were getting their feet wet with the software and hardware for their project. Join us for SCRoW every Wednesday evening. Projects of all types are welcome.

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Robo-Magellan Project (SRS Robotics Competition Entry)


Jigsaw is building a self-driving (RC) car to compete in Robothon, on June 2. Professor Sebastian Thrun will help us complete programming all the major systems of a robotic car over the course of seven weeks. Join our team or become a mentor. We are meeting at Jigsaw Renaissance (Thursday evening and also during SCRoW: […]

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SCRoW Report 2012-03-14


Newcomer Shubham has a background in machine learning and robot software. He needed some advice on the hardware side, so some of the SCRoW regulars helped him out. His enthusiasm was so contagious that he and Budi decided to start a project together: build a robot to compete in the Seattle Robotics Society Robo-Magellan contest. […]

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SCRoW Report 2012-02-29


I was only able to catch part of SCRoW this week (in case you missed it, the “R” for robotics was added to SCoW a little while ago; I’m just now starting to get used to it myself). Alan was in the process of rebuilding an ergonomic mouse. He was picking through the carcasses of […]

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SCoW Report 2012-02-22


Soldering, coding, robotics, and more tonight! John brought in his two boys. Max had a kit he wanted to solder, and solder he did. Meanwhile Jared made various sound-generating devices from one of Jigsaw’s experimenter kits. In the coding category, Mike worked on his Epoch compiler. As for robotics, Ned managed to power up the […]

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SCoW Report 2012-02-15


Just a small group at the last SC(R)oW: Alan, Branwen, Lawrence, Budi, and yours truly. I guess the theme of the evening was heat. Lawrence cooked a PCB in his modified pizza oven. As you can see in the pic, the device tracked the heating profile pretty well. Unfortunately, it didn’t cool down quickly enough. […]

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Maker at Work: Matt


I watched Matt using his homebrew vacuum former and he kindly explained what he was doing. At the top of the device is an electric heater which heats a sheet of plastic until it’s pliable. Under the heated plastic is the mold. Once the plastic is soft enough, Matt drops it over the mold and […]

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SCoW Report 2012-01-11


Can you believe it? Ned brought in not one, but two more oscilloscopes! I think we should diversify into some other types of scopes, such as micro-, kaleido-, or colono-. Lawrence and Danny continued their effort to transform a toaster oven into a soldering oven. Meanwhile, in the classroom: an actual class(!) Well, really just […]

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