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SCoW/Dorkbot 2012-01-04


JR has been the site of Dorkbot meetings for many moons now, but last night was the first Dorkbot in the new space. Aside from a few technical difficulties with the projector, everything went well. We might need some more folding chairs, though; the unofficial head count was 38 (neck and neck with the Pony Party!). There […]

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Maker at Work: Robin


Just before we moved to the new space, I found Robin working on a little project involving appliqué. I found the process to be quite interesting, so I took some photos. She had made some owl-themed PJ pants and wanted to put some owls onto a top to match. She cut out some owls and […]

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SCoW Report 2011-12-21


An action-packed SCoW tonight. Newcomer Andy dropped in. He’s an Android developer and he was looking for a non-coding activity. Fortunately, Neil brought a bunch of boards and parts for solder practice, so Andy got to do some soldering. Neil and Danny inspected his work and pronounced it good. Danny also had an LED cycling […]

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SCoW Report: 2011-12-14


First SCoW in the new space. We had a visitor—John Arclight from 23b Shop near LA. Stickers and stories were exchanged. Besides that, there wasn’t much to report. With the dust still settling from the move, not much soldering or coding got done, although Lawrence did find the USB interrupt he was looking for, so […]

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SCoW Report 2011-11-30


Sorry for the late report. It had been too long since I’d seen Isa, but there he was, working on his JigTwitch. Danny had a little “steampunk” circuit board. Ned and Nancy did a little exploratory surgery on the pipette machine. It turned out to contain all sorts of goodies, such as servo motors and […]

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SCoW Report 2011-11-09


Newcomer Sergei worked on an Arduino-controlled LED matrix, the eventual plan being to have it display patterns in time to music. For the first time, Alan was able to get the three boards of the access control system plugged together and working. The system can recognize various RFID cards, including one from the Beijing transit […]

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Project needs support


Jigsaw’s Board of Directors decided to change from Wells Fargo bank to a local credit union because we were tired of giving our money away in bank fees. This is decision had been in process for a couple of months with a final decision made in September, 2011. As a member, I request that Jigsaw […]

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SCoW 2011-10-19


Had a decent turnout: Danny, Lion, Alan, Mike, Ned, Lawrence, and yours truly. Mike, who first visited on 9/28, returned with his Arduino project. He’s working on a videogame, but he’s only got a 16×2 character LCD display. Danny had a light show going on a little device he built. He describes it in this […]

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