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Rummage Sale Today and Tomorrow


Come to the Jigsaw Renaissance Going-Out-Of-Business Everything-Must-Go Rummage Sale today and tomorrow from 1:30 to 8. More details here:

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Jigsaw Is Closing


It was fun while it lasted, but Jigsaw Renaissance is closing. We have to be out of the space by July 3. If you have any stuff there, pick it up before Friday. Other stuff is for sale to try to pay back rent. Keyed members, please return your keys.

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Raspberry Pi, Rockets, and Robots


At Wednesday’s Raspberry Pi meetup, Steve showed us his smartphone-controlled model rocket launch system. He has his Pi acting as a wifi hotspot. The Launch Control Officer connects with her smartphone and enters the launch code; a button appears on the screen and, once the countdown reaches 0, the LCO presses the button and WHOOSH […]

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Return of Holofunk


Last night, Rob Jellinghaus returned to Jigsaw with the latest iteration of Holofunk. Holofunk is a live looping system that lets the user (or users) create music by layering short repeating “loops” of sound recorded in real time. Unlike typical loopers, which are controlled by physical switches, Holofunk is gesture-controlled, with a Kinect detecting the […]

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Pix from Arduino Meetup 4/3


Sorry for the late update. I just found these in my camera. Of course I no longer remember anything about these projects. If you see yourself or your project, leave a note in the comments.

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SCRoW 3/5 Report: Musical Stairs


Marina’s “musical stairs” project is turning into a collaborative effort in true Jigsaw Renaissance style. In these photos, you see Marina, Xandon, Rich, and Budi setting up a test of the Kinect in one of the Inscape stairwells. Xandon is programming his laptop to play musical sounds depending on where people are on the stairs […]

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Raspberry Pi Meetup Notes 2/19


Pat showed us his Pi hooked up to a webcam and running motion-detection software: Michail brought a Raspberry Pi-controlled Bitcoin mining rig. Those seven little boards are Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs)–special-purpose hardware designed expressly for Bitcoin mining. The display shows that it’s generating over two billion hashes per second! A very interesting discussion about Bitcoin […]

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Quick trip to VHS (Vancouver Hack Space)


I salvaged an otherwise disappointing Sunday in Vancouver by visiting VHS. VHS member John gave a tour of the space and showed off his tricopter. I was really impressed with the space and took a lot of pictures in the hope we can steal some of their ideas.

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