• Usefulness Of Entrepreneurship Education
  • The Huge Educational Gap Between Poor Students And Their Wealthier Peers

    Elementary school kids running into school, back view

    In 2013, the U.S reached a milestone in education. That was the first time majority of students in public schools-51 percent to be precise- fell below the threshold of the federal government as “low income”, that means those schools were now eligible, after so many years, for a subsidized or free school lunch. This is […]

  • Usefulness Of Entrepreneurship Education
  • Home School Resources That Are Teaching Young Americans Entrepreneurships Skills


    As the world advances towards a more entrepreneurial nature, a lot of parents have realized that the traditional public schooling and educational system is simply not that adequate for the education of their children. As a result, a lot of parents have decided to take up the education of their children into their own hands […]

  • Usefulness Of Entrepreneurship Education
  • Youth Programs That Are Meant To Uplift US Youth To An International Level


    When it comes to empowering the youth through education, the United States has been noted for doing a great job in that direction, not only for its citizens, but the international community. The youth programs of the US Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs ensure that the future generation is empowered. It also ensures, through […]

  • Usefulness Of Entrepreneurship Education
  • How Entrepreneurship Education Can Reduce Disability Unemployment In The U.S.


    Entrepreneurs are the people that drive the American economy, accounting for most of the employment opportunities in the country as well as almost all the innovative businesses that are springing up each and every day. The Small Business Administration of the U.S. reports that about 25.8 million American small businesses have employed over 50 percent […]