Home School Resources That Are Teaching Young Americans Entrepreneurships Skills

As the world advances towards a more entrepreneurial nature, a lot of parents have realized that the traditional public schooling and educational system is simply not that adequate for the education of their children. As a result, a lot of parents have decided to take up the education of their children into their own hands and therefore decide to offer home schooling for the kids as opposed to the traditional schools. Though this might mean a lot of work for both kids and parents, it is sometimes worth it as it gives room for more customization and personalization.

The education of the child can be tailored the needs and desires of the child and can help children achieve their educational and professional goals in a faster way. With a home schooling, parents can then include an entrepreneurship education into their ward’s schooling that will help children set up their own businesses in the near future, launch their own products and services, and learn to be creative, innovative, and competitive in this modern world.


Entrepreneurship resources for home schooling.

If your aim is to incorporate entrepreneurship education into the home schooling curriculum of your ward, then be rest assured that you are not the only one. There are a lot of tools both offline and online that will make things easy for you. Because of the benefits of entrepreneurship, a lot of parents are equally bent on including this curriculum into their kid’s home schooling. Let’s take a look at some of the resources at your disposal.

Small Business Administration (for kids/teens).

The Small Business Administration of the U.S. has a whole portal that is devoted to teen entrepreneurs. It is a division that comes with a lot of educational funding, business ideas, general tips, legal help, and guidance. There is also a small business plan that you can use to help your ward come out with their own business ideas.

The Homeschool Entrepreneur.

This program is devoted to homeschooling families that are interested in teaching their kids entrepreneurship. There are a lot of homeschooling resources on entrepreneurship for both old and new educators in the home. Resources come in different ranges right from useful tips blogs and guides to recommended books and readings on entrepreneurship.

The Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education.

This is a platform that has in its database a whole lot of curriculum materials on children entrepreneurship education and other classroom-based activities. There are also classroom products, materials, and case studies to help students grasp concepts much faster.



The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

The NFTE has a lot of educational and class programs as well as camps throughout the entire nation. One good thing about this platform is that it is geared towards the middle and low-income earners who are struggling to keep the homes running whiles still educating the children. Students are given a lot of hands on training and unique tips, mentorships, and opportunities to starting their own small businesses.

The E in Me.

The E in Me is created by the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. It is a multimedia program that is designed purposely for budding teenage entrepreneurs and comes in three different modules that include eight 50-minute lessons as well as resources on research.

These are some of the educational programs that parents can make good use of if they really want to give their children that entrepreneurial start at the early ages.

Hi, about education, it is one thing that is not even a necessity but a compulsory thing for kids and people out there and if motivation dies then it must be forced upon kids so that they can have a better and independent future. If they would have the education they will not only learn moral ethics but also will find a way that would help them in earning their livings.

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