How An Honest Sex Education Can Help Chart A Better Course For A Healthy America

When we take a look at the statistics, it is quietappalling. In the United States, 85 youth become pregnant whiles 425 get to contract Sexually Transmitted Infections, and two contract the HIV every hour of every day. These statistics are not going down. They keep on increasing as time goes on. What are we doing about it as a nation, as institutions, and as parents?  Are we just going to sit down and fold our hands and allow things to work the way they want? Is that the way to go as a nation and as parents? Certainly not. So what is the solution to this canker? Time and time, institutions, governments, and individuals have said it; the only solution is a comprehensive education of the entire population, especially the youth.

If we really want to stop this canker, the only way to do it is to educate the youth and the entire population comprehensively. This education is not something that is going to be done by one man, one institution, or just the government. We as parents and as teachers should have our hands on desk to ensure that the situation is tackled from all sides. This will lead to an all-round solution to tackle the situation.


When it is well planned and carried out, comprehensive education will make sure that young people are provided with the right information and skills that they need in order to reduce their susceptibility to these unplanned events including pregnancies, STIs, and HIV. It is also something that will help the younger generation to successfully traverse the stage of puberty with confidence, understand the differences that exist between unhealthy and healthy relationships in their lives and what weight it puts on them, develop positive body images and more. The younger generation will also have a better knowledge of how to communicate effectively, make their own informed decisions, and also navigate the healthcare system confidently. What we mean here is that, a comprehensive sex education should go beyond abstinence or even just the prevention of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies and diseases to providing a lifelong and sustained foundation for the sexual development of the youth.


When comprehensive education is well carried out by all stakeholders: parents, teachers, NGOs, and government, there can be a shift in the culture of shame, fear, and denial that hunts our societies and turn to create a new society where sexuality will now be seen as something healthy, natural, and normal; a society in which the younger generation are celebrated and valued for their personalities and not the sexual tags (sex) they carry as males or females; a society where humans will be treated equal based on who they are and not based on their gender identity, sexual orientation, or gender expression.


We should all try to ensure that comprehensive sex education is well carried out in our communities. This is the only way to ensure that the sexual development of humans is recognized and cherished as an important work of an adolescence and where education on sexuality is cherished over ignorance promotion.

Hi, about education, it is one thing that is not even a necessity but a compulsory thing for kids and people out there and if motivation dies then it must be forced upon kids so that they can have a better and independent future. If they would have the education they will not only learn moral ethics but also will find a way that would help them in earning their livings.

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