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How Can I Help?

Membership is the best way to support JR, but we also gratefully accept donations of all kinds — tools and supplies, books… even cash. JR is a program of School Factory, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, so you can legally claim your donations to us as deductions when you file your taxes.

We are an interdisciplinary bunch with a variety of skills and interests. Here is a running list of materials we could use. If you would like to donate these or other items you think might be useful to us, please use our Contact page.

We are building a library of how-to books on just about anything and everything. If you have books to donate, please use our Contact page.

If you have ideas for fundraisers or would like to participate in or otherwise support one, please contact

You can also donate any amount of cash — every dollar helps. You can send us money through Paypal, or leave cash or checks in our magical green donation box in front of our physical location.

Where are you?

We are located in the Inscape Building at 815 Airport Way S. in Seattle. This is practically across the street from Uwajimaya. You can find a more detailed account of our location on our Location page.

Do you offer coworking space?

We do have set-up for coworkers: places to sit, plug in, and the coffee’s always fresh. But we’re also a dirty-hands space – so sometimes there are people painting, grinding, and sawing. If that’s your sort of place, then you’ll dig Jigsaw. We appreciate donations but don’t have a daily drop-in late. If you prefer a quieter place to work, we highly recommend  you check out Co-Working Seattle.

What is Jigsaw, anyway?!

We are a learning and making community. Meaning we learn and make community. We offer the space, equipment, and community to learn to create the things you want to make – if that’s code, scarves, or a bookshelf doesn’t matter. What matters is the act of creation and feeling of friendship. We’re a clubhouse for geeks (people who are passionate about what they do), a school for the anti-student, a safe space to fail and to succeed. Still not sure? Check out Confessions of a Hackerspace Virgin, and drop in to see us!