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Vetting for New Keyholders

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How to get a key:

  • have been an active member at the space for one month - have attended events, engaged in discussion, helped or worked on a project. [there is a rush process available, if needed]
  • been vouched for by two Jigsaw members
  • sign and comply with safe space, waiver, and membership agreements
  • pay dues

How to lose a key (can be petitioned and reviewed by board):

  • leave the space unattended and unlocked
  • failure to comply with safe space, membership, or waiver agreements
  • lapse on payment of dues without notification and agreement with treasurer, one month from due date leeway standard

Official Form

All current and aspiring keyholders must get this form completed: Signatures for Keyed Members

Comments / Concerns

Pros and Cons

  • clear shaping of feeling of space, trustworthiness and investment by individuals
  • difficult for introverts, those on super busy schedules
  • slight decrease in revenue

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