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Get started coding with Scratch!

This page…

  • introduces the Scratch web site
  • shows how to start the editor and save your work
  • tells where to get more information
  • has a list of exercises to try

Getting Started

Get an account on the Scratch site:

Click Create to start editing.

On the Scripts tab, click on each of the headings (Events, Motion, etc.) and see what “blocks” are available.  You can write scripts by dragging blocks into the editor region on the right.

On the left is the “stage” — this is where you see anything graphical that your script is doing.

Below the stage are your “sprites” — characters you can animate, or other graphical items.  The stage is a special sprite that doesn’t move.

To save your work, enter a name for your script in the box over the stage, and use File -> Save Now.

To let others see your script, click Share.

To connect with other users, search for their username or enter an URL like this:

Scratch info:

Lessons to try:

What next?

Once you’ve gotten started with programming, you might try…

  • Teach someone else.  For instance, try teaching your parents!
  • Try another programming language.  Python is a a good “second language” after Scratch.

Here are some groups that teach programming or have science and engineering activities (especially ones that are free, and good for kids), and have events in the Puget Sound area.


Scratch instructor profiles with example scripts: