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  • Basic membership is $15/month 
  • Community builder membership is $50/month and provides the member with a key for 24 hour access. This is for those with financial hardship.
  • The advanced membership is $100/month. It offers the 24 hour access without a volunteer commitment requirement.
  • The dedicated 6*6 working space membership is $200/month. It also offers 24 hour access. There are six dedicated 6*6 working space members already.

Pay Online

Wild Apricot

The easiest way to pay for your membership is to sign up for recurring Paypal payments using our Wild Apricot membership software.

Paypal manual payment

You may also pay manually via by sending money to

Amazon Payments

If you prefer to use payments you must first create the membership in Wild Apricot (see above) then when the invoice is generated, use the link below to sign up for the membership that matches your Wild Apricot account.

Double Desk Membership ($400)

Desk Membership ($200)

Keyed Membership ($100)

Studio Membership ($500)

Cash, check, bullion, etc

Dues and Donations may also be sent by check or money order to Jigsaw Renaissance, 815 Seattle Blvd S. Suite 112, Seattle, WA 98134

Alternatively, cash, check, or money order can be dropped in the lime green Dues + Donation Box with a note indicating who the contribution is from.

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