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Today in the classroom, the Seattle Retro-Computing Society will be hosting a four-way joint meeting with the Puget Sound Commodore Users’ Group (PSCUG), the Portland Commodore Users’ Group (PDXCUG), and the Microsoft Retro Computing and Gaming group. The trip down Core Memory Lane starts at 1:00.


A small sample of the stuff people are making at Jigsaw nowadays:

  1. Anton’s been building a 3-D printer with Scott’s help. Here’s Anton putting the finishing touches on it:
  2. Danny’s been working on a pneumatic cylinder for Halloween animatronics. Today he was experimenting with making a piston out of Instamorph moldable plastic. Taking a piece of PVC tubing as a mold, he filled it with Instamorph pellets, submerged it in water and heated it in the microwave oven, then tamped it into shape. It worked very well!
  3. Speaking of animatronics, I finally finished my DJ P0n-3 animatronic thingie with RGB LEDs:

    (Click here if embedded video doesn’t work.)


I saw a video on how to turn a Raspberry Pi into a laptop of sorts. It sounded neat, so I bought an Atrix 4G dock and the requisite cables.

Danny splicing cables

Last night, Danny helped me splice the cables together per the video, and mirabile dictu, it worked!

It works!

Mark your calendar: In three weeks, Rob Bishop from will be visiting Jigsaw. Register here for what promises to be a fun and informative evening.

In preparation for Rob’s visit, SCRoW will host a Raspberry Pi night on 8/14. More details to come.


With the help of Steve Devine, I cobbled together a proof-of-concept door lock (or more precisely, a doorknob-turner). It’s a small step toward a “keyless” entry system.

As you can see, it works, but it’s pretty darn Rube Goldbergy. If you have some ideas for improving it, leave a comment or come to SCRoW Wednesday evening.


Willow Brugh, one of the founder of Jigsaw Renaissance and now the Director of Geeks Without Bounds (GWOB), offers this opportunity for you to contribute to their cause. Some of you might have heard about the GWOB, but some of you may  not. Let me try to explain what I know about them. Put it simply, GWOB is like the Geek Squad (at the Best Buy Store):

with big EXCEPTION: Geeks Without Bounds (GWOB) are not technicians like Geek Squad who are fixing home entertainment, automotive  or appliance, and certainly they don’t work for the Best Buy stores.


Geeks Without Bounds Geeks Without Bounds

These geeks are dedicated to solving the world’s technology challenges and fixing the world by empowering people to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

Geeks Without Bounds (GWOB) is an accelerator for humanitarian projects. They take teams through a six month mentorship cycle to bring good intentions to a state of deployment. GWOB connect developers with aid organizations so technology can be used in disaster and humanitarian response.

Their cause are noble, and this is your opportunity to enable them to succeed in a big way:

They need a grant writer!

Unbound these geeks so that they can effectively create systemic change and expand their program on a global scale!!!



How do you know Jigsaw Renaissance is an amazing community?  Because we use our powers for awesome!



It’s always satisfying when a perfectly good electronics item can be rescued from the trash. Take this poor Magnavox mini TV. Sound worked, but no video.

Popping open the case revealed a capacitor that had obviously blown up.  A little disassembly and soldering of a new cap later, and the TV came back to life (as a little testing with Asteroids confirmed)…


If you have something to fix or tinker with, stop by Jigsaw Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday nights ay 6PM to build, tear down, or fix your project.  Resident electronics wizards Ned Konz and/or Michael Park can usually be found for a few pointers.


What a great day for Jigsaw!  Yesterday, the Inscape Arts Building (where Jigsaw is a tenant) had its quarterly arts festival.  We were packed with great folks checking out our space, and I was able to grab a few photos: