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It’s always satisfying when a perfectly good electronics item can be rescued from the trash. Take this poor Magnavox mini TV. Sound worked, but no video.

Popping open the case revealed a capacitor that had obviously blown up.  A little disassembly and soldering of a new cap later, and the TV came back to life (as a little testing with Asteroids confirmed)…


If you have something to fix or tinker with, stop by Jigsaw Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday nights ay 6PM to build, tear down, or fix your project.  Resident electronics wizards Ned Konz and/or Michael Park can usually be found for a few pointers.


What a great day for Jigsaw!  Yesterday, the Inscape Arts Building (where Jigsaw is a tenant) had its quarterly arts festival.  We were packed with great folks checking out our space, and I was able to grab a few photos:



Jigsaw Space Manager, Tim Clemans, has started a new GitHub project called Influence API to develop web services enabling developers to integrate optimized communications features in their apps.


Fork the repository on GitHub here, and email Tim if you’d like to join the project.


DSCN6549aThe Seattle Arduino Meetup met up at Jigsaw last night, bringing in lots of people. Not a lot of SCRoW activity, as everyone wanted to hear Bob Harris’s presentation on the internals of the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Following the talk, something odd happened. For some reason, Monica decided to lick a 9V battery. I don’t understand it, but I did manage to snap a photo:


Those nutty Arduino folks!

On the less-nutty end of the Arduino fan spectrum was Rame Chitturi.  Rame was fascinated by Team Elcano’s autonomous vehicle and told of his career in industrial automation.  Rame’s career path started as a child watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and was hooked.


Lastly, here’s Monica again chatting with a fellow Arduino fan after the night’s presentations were complete:


What a fantastic event!

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First meeting of the 2013 Jigsaw Board of Directors, with several other members participatingFirst meeting of the 2013 Jigsaw Board of Directors, with several other members participating

Please help me welcome your 2013 Staff Volunteers:

Benevolent Dictator: Tom McDonald
Master of Coins / Treasurer: Michael Park
Aspiration Manager / Membership Director: Budi Mulyo
Nerds Wrangler / Development Director: Monica Houston
Guild Master / Space Manager: Tim Clemans
Tools Master / Tools Room Manager: Alan Krum
Feng Shui Master / Raspberry Pi and flute maker: Steven Devine
Resident Wiz Kid / Network Administrator: Pat Tressel

We are a learning and making community with around 250 of interesting creative active members and supporters. Part of the benefit of having this vibrant community is that we have a safe, fun, and engaging place for diverse people to make things around and with others. We are a safe space to fail and to succeed, and we empower people to make anything they want.

But I don’t need to tell you that. That’s why you are here isn’t it?

We have a handful of generous, dedicated volunteer staff who are committed to keep that vision alive. We need way more! Those who have not yet committed PLEASE, PLEASE step up and email To get momentum, we need as much participation as possible.


What a find Jigsaw member Steve made recently!  Seizing the opportunity to save some stuff from the dumpster while an Inscape Building neighbour was moving out, Steve found a number of gems that will enhance Jigsaw.  One of which is this piece of AV furniture which is sturdy with nice castors:


If only we had a picture of this unit when Steve first showed it to me.  It was covered in paint and plaster, and looked very shabby.  With more than a little elbow grease and imagination, Steve remade this piece.

Thank you, Steve!


On Thursdays, Ned comes in and either tears something down (for educational purposes) or fixes something up. I’m not sure what tonight’s activity counts as. He brought in a Big Mouth Billy Bass, and he and Rehana have been hacking into it, taking control of its servos. In the picture, you can see them causing the fish to flop about. Unfortunately, you can’t see them rubbing their hands together and cackling with maniacal glee, but they are. They are.

Here’s the project page:


Pictured above is Akisa from Germany (his hackerspace: RaumZeitLabor). He’s traveling down the coast doing a tour of hackerspaces. Jigsaw was his first stop. Here he’s talking to Meredith, Tom, and Budi.
There was quite a bit of activity during SCRoW last night, like actual soldering, coding, and robotics! Team Elcano was hard at work, as always. I’ve been trying to learn some Raspberry Pi stuff, and Danny helped by installing CherryPy, turning the Pi into a webserver(!) Meanwhile, Mike and Ed were in the other room working on something cool, I’m sure (I didn’t get a chance to see, unfortunately). We’re glad to have 3-D printer guy Scott back in the saddle, and last night he was doing his 3-D printing thing.
Hey, if you have any interest or experience with the Raspberry Pi, come to the next SCRoW; I want to talk to you. Also, if you’re interested in op-amps, Danny plans to do a tutorial on them next SCRoW.