Some Problems With The State Of Sex Education In The US And The Way Forward

In today’s world that we live, there is something that we, as parents and teachers are not doing. We are now doing a very poor job of educating today’s youth about sex. We are not showing today’s youth about the use of contraceptives and STD prevention pills. We think that teaching them these things might make them more vulnerable to sex, however, we seem to be very wrong about that this time. Not teaching our youth about sex and how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and STDs is a big mistake. That is not something that will prevent them from having sex. After all, for all we know, whether we teach them or not, they will still engage in sex so why not use the opportunity to educate them.


Hiding at the back of abstinence.

Parents are now hiding at the back of abstinence as the only way we think is good. However, if we sit down and think carefully about it that is the worst advice we are currently giving. Do we really think the youth today will abstain from sex? The answer is an absolute NO. Since the youth today will not abstain from sex, the only way to be safe is to teach them how to prevent themselves from unprotected sex so that the unwanted doesn’t happen if they engage in it.

A lot of parents fear that talking about sex to children is not good. We should, however, be aware that the abstinence education we give teach our children that sex is a damaging and dirty trait. That is probably the most basic tenet we adhere to when we want the youth to abstain. When the youth grows a bit and realize that their sexual desires are still with them, they will feel ashamed to talk about it because they will still have the notion that sex is stigmatized. This will drastically affect both the physical and emotional health of the young man and woman walking our streets.

The abstinence only education that we are giving our girls and boys these days is not helping in that it might contribute to something we call slut-shaming, rape culture, and disempowerment. Abstinence-only sex education that we give our adults or children equally leads to straight-up victim blame games and still promotes that old mantra rape apologist “boys will be boys” which is exactly where we have gotten to in a national that is experiencing 1 in every 3 women raped in their life.


Fortunately, there are programs and institutions around the world that talk about and advocate for the need for our young generation to get the right kind of education they deserve. Advocacy organisations like Advocates for Youth and ASHA are examples that tell us that the young people themselves are fighting for their right to the right kind of education.

The young people today deserve to be educated. That is their right, and sex education is not an exception. We should take their zeal and make sure that they are aware of whatever they need to know.

Hi, about education, it is one thing that is not even a necessity but a compulsory thing for kids and people out there and if motivation dies then it must be forced upon kids so that they can have a better and independent future. If they would have the education they will not only learn moral ethics but also will find a way that would help them in earning their livings.

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