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Dorkbot Seattle 0x46 – bikes and (ink)jets


On July 6th at 7:00PM , dorkbot celebrates freedom! The freedom to build your own open source printer, and ride your electric bike. We are thrilled to have Nicholas Lewis and (dorkbot’s own) Chris Prosser speaking about their projects. As always we want to thank our generous hosts at Jigsaw Renaissance, and we encourage you […]

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Dorkbot Seattle 0x45 – now at Inscape


Jigsaw has moved to Inscape and we are moving with them! dorkbot is taking the show to a new venue at Inscape (815 Airport Way S., Seattle WA 98134) For our first meeting in the new space we will have presentations on Kinect hacking for public displays by Allan Bathurst and Sam Yi, and maker […]

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Dorkbot Seattle 0x44 – hacking a business


It is almost May and time for another dorkbot! This time around the theme is hacking a business, and we have two local speakers who have figured out how to put their talents to practical use. Brent Picasso of Autosport Labs has built a successful business around kits and devices for auto enthusiasts, and Pierce […]

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Dorkbot Invasion!


Tonight, Jigsaw was overrun by soldering iron-wielding crazies from Dorkbot! It was their annual Kit Night; men, women, children, and at least one dog were hunched over circuit boards, soldering like mad. (OK, the dog was just resting, possibly high on solder fumes.) It was a pretty amazing and inspiring sight, all those soldering irons […]

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Dorkbot Seattle 0x43 – Annual Kit Night!


The next Drokbot is April 6th, and it is going to be a hands on, kit building, board soldering, dorkstravaganza! We will be using the proceeds from kit purchases to help Jigsaw Renaissance flourish. We have picked out several kits for you to choose from, and the prices reflect a slight markup to generate money […]

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Dorkbot Seattle 0x42 – rockets and fountains


For March 2011 we bring you two equally fascinating presentations with no identifiable unifying theme. Jon Howell and Jeremy Elson join us to talk about the “Ravenna Ultra-Low-Altitude Vehicle”, and Gerry Chu will be discussing his exploration of fountains and tracking motion using the Kinect to control emotional sounds. As always we want to thank […]

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Dorkbot Seattle 0x41 – it all adds up


February 2, 2011 — 7:00pm – 10:00pm For DorkbotSeattle number 65 we are pleased to welcome two presenters who specialize in Ubiquitous Computing at the UW Computer Science department. Sidhant Gupta will be talking about Clever Sensing for Energy Feedback & Cool Haptics, and Tim Campbell will be presenting WATTR: self-powered wireless sensing inside the […]

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dorkbot seattle 0x40 – fab 3D


New Year, New Dorkbot! Come join us on January 5, 2011  @ 7:00pm for the first Dorkbot of 2011.  We are going to be taking another look at 3D fabrication technologies. Mark Ganter – Materiality Professor Mark Ganter is a co-director of the Solheim Rapid Prototyping lab in the Mechanical Engineering Department on the campus […]

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