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Educational Initiative


All Hands Active in Ann Arbor participates with something called Bright Futures – I was on the phone with them yesterday to see how the program might be replicated at Jigsaw. Members sign up to do a one-hour session at the established after-school program called Bright Futures. The school pays for their gas and one […]

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Systems Thinking


originally posted on My friend @dymaxion asked “how do you teach someone to be a systems thinker” on Twitter this morning. So first, what is a systems thinker? I am one because I believe that all systems are the same, they just use different language. You can also always just read the wikipedia article. […]

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Alternative School: 1


A big part of Jigsaw is education. Hands-on, intergenerational, transdisciplinary education. While it’s difficult for us to gain legitimacy and members, the public school system is accessible to any social class and certainly established. Why do I bring up the public school system? Because an amazing alternative school exists within Seattle’s public school system! Zomg! […]

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Pedagogic Paradigms


This is why we do what we do at Jigsaw, in short. After months away with Geeks Without Bounds, I’m refocusing on education again. (And combining GWOBorg with education). Help me figure out the next steps in this October 28th at 6p.

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Gamification Discussion Group


Date: Monday, July 19th Time: 6pm The idea for this was spawned within the wild world of Google Reader shared items, so we don’t know exactly what direction it will take, but the basic idea here is to discuss the concept that video games are not just mindless entertainment, but powerful educational tools with the […]

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