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MADPUB: Mad Hacking Skills for a Good Cause


Want to make a tangible difference in your community? Join us at Seattle’s Jigsaw Renaissance this weekend and put your hacking talents to work to help communities in need! Hack for Good will take place this Saturday, January 15th at 5:30 p.m., and this Sunday, January 16th at 10 a.m. The City of Seattle is […]

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Level Up: Hack for Good


This month Jigsaw Renaissance has hosted two hackathons. We’ve done a lot of good and had a lot of fun. We’ve noticed a problem though–some folks want to participate, but don’t know how to code the same language as others on their team. Starting in January, we’ll be hosting a monthly salon and review of […]

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Form and Function of Maker Communities


I have been away a lot recently. But! It has been to good purpose. The travels across the country have been to talk to hacking, coworking, and making spaces everywhere about two main things: a federation/foundation of spaces like Jigsaw, and about Geeks Without Bounds. On October 3rd, I’ll have the last official stop on […]

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