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What Would JR Do (WWJRD)


What would JR do (WWJRD) when we’re in desperate need of few things to continue building our projects? We learn to make it, right? Here’s for example: When building the Multi Touch Surface Interface (which is basically a giant iPad in the form of a table), we needed few things in order to complete it, […]

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Many Hands Make Light(-emitting diodes) Work


At last night’s SCoW, Alan W, Rehana, Danny, and Budi worked together to solder  many many IR LEDs for the multitouch table. Meanwhile Wim worked on the multitouch software. There was a little hiccup at the start because some of the LED holders had the wrong number of holes, but they got it straightened out. […]

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Multitouch Table Progress


I happened to catch Nick and Budi working on the multitouch table yesterday. Apparently just before I arrived, Nick had drilled dozens of holes into acrylic strips. The strips will surround the glass surface and infrared LEDs will be mounted in the holes. In the foreground of this picture you can see one of the […]

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