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We made rent! Hooray!


To the Jigsaw community: Thank you! Because of your outpouring of support and funds we made February’s rent. Special thanks to the following people and groups for their generous donations: Leviathan Security Hackerbot Labs, who dedicated their donation bucket to us for a night Alan Widmer Beth Kolko Matt Clymer Steampunk Workshop a lovely group […]

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Bucketworks Visit


Milwaukee feels like Seattle and an awesome Midwestern town had a love affair. There are booming subcultures, quirky houses, comfortable bars, trendy restaurants, and strange neighborhoods. There are huge, empty warehouses tucked in with residential areas and thriving nightlife. Bucketworks has been around for 8 years. They’ve figured a lot of stuff out. When we […]

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Scratch Demo and space improvement overview : 2010/02/06


Yesterday was a smashing success. We had fantastic attendance at Joshua’s demo – 4 sets of parents + kids, along with many Jigsawers – lots of questions, lots of laughs. My favorite part was changing the sprite’s costume from a dude walking back and forth having ideas into a bat, which flew back and forth […]

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