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What Would JR Do (WWJRD)


What would JR do (WWJRD) when we’re in desperate need of few things to continue building our projects? We learn to make it, right? Here’s for example: When building the Multi Touch Surface Interface (which is basically a giant iPad in the form of a table), we needed few things in order to complete it, […]

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Many Hands Make Light(-emitting diodes) Work


At last night’s SCoW, Alan W, Rehana, Danny, and Budi worked together to solder  many many IR LEDs for the multitouch table. Meanwhile Wim worked on the multitouch software. There was a little hiccup at the start because some of the LED holders had the wrong number of holes, but they got it straightened out. […]

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Dorkbot Seattle 0x43 – Annual Kit Night!


The next Drokbot is April 6th, and it is going to be a hands on, kit building, board soldering, dorkstravaganza! We will be using the proceeds from kit purchases to help Jigsaw Renaissance flourish. We have picked out several kits for you to choose from, and the prices reflect a slight markup to generate money […]

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For those of you that follow Hack a Day, this is old news. However, I believe I’ve found another excellent project for Jigsaw! It’s a three-axis DIY CNC that can be made mostly from Home Depot parts for around $700. What do y’all think? Cool enough to try, or too expensive and we should just […]

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Make a Lathe from Junk


An awesome project popped into my reader the other day, which I thought would be a perfect project for our fledgling space. There’s an Instructable that details how to build your own lathe from junk! While not a permanent solution, I think it would be pretty damn cool to be able to point to our […]

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Short story: I got lots of fun tools for very little money ($57). Top to bottom, left to right: Plumb line Huge roll of caution tape (I figure we’ll need it) 25′ measuring tape Black & Decker engraving tool Rubber mallet Utility knife Some of them will need de-rusting, but I think it’s a good […]

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