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Zombie Prep Part 3 : Target Practice


When the zombies come, how will we survive? We’ve had gun safety and a round of Parkour, now it’s time to find out how to actually fire a weapon in a safe way. We’ll be headed to West Coast Armory Thursday evening to practice. Whether it’s your first time firing a weapon or your favorite […]

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What is Parkour?


Our Zombie Preparedness : Parkour is tomorrow (learn more and register on the original entry)! In celebration, our instructor Brandee from Parkour Visions did a write-up for us: Intro to Parkour Training for the Zombie Apocalypse I. Introduction: What is parkour? II. What’s parkour have to do with zombies? III. When is training utilized? IV. […]

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Zombie Preparedness Part 2: Parkour


So first we learned about gun safety. Next, we’re going to learn to run away. And/or be badasses. With parkour! The essence of Parkour can be stated simply: it is the art of overcoming obstacles as swiftly and efficiently as possible using only your body. The fundamentals include running, jumping, and climbing, and we build […]

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Zombie Preparedness Training : Gun Safety


We’ve often “joked” that in the zombie apocalypse, we’ll all meet at Jigsaw. But what about taking active steps to survive the zombie apocalypse (zompocalypse to some)? Jigsaw will be holding the first of a series for just that level of preparedness – Gun Safety – this Friday (tomorrow) at 5:30p. We’ll learn how guns […]

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Zombie Camp! (June 25th, 5p-8p)


Join us for a day of undead debauchery, as we explore and learn about the world of the Zombie. Learn make-up and special effects tricks for that truly rotten look, join in a discussion on how to survive a zombie outbreak, and groove to a Thriller style dance-off. It’s BYOB… Bring Your Own BRAAAAAAAIIIIIIINS. Bring […]

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Zombie Day


I’d like to get an overview of how we interact with our city and the skill sets we value. To do this in a fun way, I propose Zombie Day. We’ll have a Barcamp feel, with the schedule being filled out by people who want to present. Want to talk about fortification and building? Awesome! […]

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