Youth Programs That Are Meant To Uplift US Youth To An International Level

When it comes to empowering the youth through education, the United States has been noted for doing a great job in that direction, not only for its citizens, but the international community. The youth programs of the US Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs ensure that the future generation is empowered. It also ensures, through its youth educational programs, that a long lasting relationship is established between the US and other countries as well as other international bodies. To ensure that this dream is made possible, there are a lot of exchange programs for US citizens, especially at the high school level that are geared towards providing global leadership development, mutual understanding, and educational transformation as well as strengthening democratic ideals between countries. Lets take a look at some of the exchange or international educational programs that the United States offer its youth.

The American Youth Leadership Program.

The American Youth Leadership Program of the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs is an intensive 3 to 4 weeks youth leadership training exchange program for high school students in the U.S as well as adult mentors. This is an exchange program organized to allow participants, especially the youth to get knowledge of foreign cultures as well as collaborate to dissect current global issues with colleagues and mentors.


The A-SMYLE, The American Serbia and Montenegro Youth Leadership Exchange Program.

This is a program that allows American high school students to stay with some American host families in Serbia and Montenegro. This is for a full year where students get to be educated on a whole lot right from culture to religion and world issues.

The Benjamin Franklin Summer Institutes.

These are some series of intensive academic programs that are hosted inside the U.S colleges and some universities for the youth. These programs are focused on inculcating global perspective issues into students as well as some community and leadership services.

The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program (CBYX).

The CBYX is a program that offers some youth from the United States a scholarship for a full academic session/year in Germany. Students who are participating in this program are supposed to learn a lot during their stay in Germany including critical intercultural skill and how life is like to attend school and live in Germany.

The German American Partnership Program (GAPP).

This is program that is organized by a collaboration between the United States and Germany. The program allows some students from Germany and some students from the United States to visit each other’s’ communities and societies as well as one another’s schools. Students are given hosts families to live with till the end of the program.


The Youth Ambassadors Program.

This is a program that is meant to gather a lot of the youth across the entire Americas. Approximately, youth from 25 countries attend this program to share leadership and innovative skills, to promote mutual understanding, and equally sharpen the youth to make a change in this competitive environment of ours.

These are some of the best youth exchange programs that are run by the United States government to ensure that students, especially the youth, are exposed to other cultures whiles learning skills to beef up the country’s growth.

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